Our teenagers are dying from recreational prescription drug abuse. One young prescription drug addict says simply, " Prescription drugs are just too easy to get." Surprisingly, seventy per cent of the Rx drugs kids experiment with come from our own homes. Juvenile Judges say it is not uncommon to see twelve year olds stealing drugs from their parents and selling them at school. Teenagers who take drugs prescribed for someone else and mix with other drugs or alcohol often end up in hospital ERs or on autopsy tables.

At the request of the Arkansas State Drug Director and Arkansas Rotarians, Jones Television's Special Projects Producer, Carolyn Long, and Associate Producer Lance Herring reveal the shocking statistics that substantiate this crisis and, most importantly, what each of us can do to contribute to the solution.

By monitoring our prescription drugs, securing them and by participating in Arkansas Rx Drug Takebacks, all of us can make a life-saving difference.