Prescription for Life: Providing Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention to Arkansas Students

From the website of Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (

Across our state we face a prescription drug abuse epidemic, with 40 percent of Arkansas teens reporting that they have tried prescription drugs. I have made it my mission to bring critical, life-saving prescription drug abuse prevention education to high schools across Arkansas, all at no cost to schools.

Prescription for Life is an interactive course powered by EVERFI that empowers high school students with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe and healthy decisions about prescription drugs, using an evidence-based, public health approach. Video, animations, simulations, and rich interactivity provide a personalized, highly engaging learning experience for students.

With the help of teachers, school district leaders, and home-school networks, we have the opportunity to deliver this cutting-edge program to our youth and secure the safety and wellbeing of Arkansas’ future.

Thank you for taking part in this program to keep Arkansas students safe!